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Enhance your hotel's online reputation with Viff, an AI assistant that generates courteous, contextual responses to guest reviews instantly

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About Viff

Elevate Your Hotel's Online Reputation with Viff

Viff is an AI-powered assistant designed to help hotels and accommodations improve their online reputation by generating contextual, courteous responses to guest reviews in an instant. Boost your bookings and enhance your brand image with Viff's powerful features.

Respond to Reviews Consistently and Instantly

Keeping up with guest reviews can be challenging when your staff is already juggling multiple tasks. Viff learns your brand's tone and voice from the initial inputs and crafts accurate responses instantly, allowing you to maintain a consistent presence across all guest reviews.

Improve Reputation and Increase Bookings

Did you know that 87% of travelers are more likely to book when businesses respond to reviews? Viff's prompt responses make your business stand out, instilling confidence in potential guests researching their next stay. Experience up to a 5x increase in booking volumes and a 67% improvement in TripAdvisor rankings within just six months of consistent review responses.

How Viff Works

Easy and Omnipresent

Viff simplifies the review response process with a single click. Just select the review text and click the Viff icon to generate a response. Viff is compatible with all websites and Property/Reputation Management Systems, requiring no additional integrations.

On-brand and Consistent

Generic responses can be worse than no response at all. Viff's proprietary AI model learns your brand voice and tone after just 20 responses, ensuring consistent and on-brand replies for every review.

Contextual and Courteous

Viff's AI-generated responses are always contextual and courteous. The AI model is trained on millions of reviews, understanding various aspects of guest experiences, such as food, cleanliness, and service. Viff professionally handles even the most challenging reviews, ensuring your staff maintains a polite and respectful tone.

Multilingual Support

With the ability to understand and respond in over 20 languages, Viff communicates with guests in their preferred language, providing a more personalized experience.

Get Started with Viff Today

Viff is easy to install and requires no setup or integration work. Simply add the Chrome extension to your browser and start enjoying the benefits of this powerful AI assistant. Elevate your hotel's online reputation, enhance guest communication, and watch your bookings soar with Viff.

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