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Transform your customer feedback analysis with Viable Fit's AI-powered platform. Save time, uncover insights, and drive product improvements across departments

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About Viable Fit

Viable Fit: The Ultimate AI-Powered Customer Feedback Analysis Solution

In today's customer-driven world, understanding your audience's needs and preferences is crucial for success. Viable Fit, an AI-powered platform harnessing the power of GPT-4, is here to help you save time and uncover valuable insights from customer feedback.

Save Time with Automated Qualitative Data Analysis

Viable Fit enables you to analyze vast amounts of qualitative feedback without the need for manual tagging or spreadsheets. Its state-of-the-art AI models go beyond simple summarization to provide deep, meaningful insights from unstructured data.

Empower Your Entire Organization with Valuable Insights

Viable Fit is designed for limitless potential across departments, including product management, customer experience, and customer research. With unlimited seats and integrations, it's perfect for companies of any size. Simply provide at least 500 datapoints to get started.

Uncover Hidden Insights with Metadata Analysis

The platform's AI leverages customer traits and metadata to provide true analysis and recommendations based on factors like NPS scores, customer tiers, region, and more. This helps you better understand who is discussing specific themes and why.

Stay Informed with Weekly Natural Language Reports

Viable Fit delivers weekly reports of the most important compliments, complaints, questions, and requests. These natural language reports are written by the AI and provide direct quotes, datapoints, and metadata for complete context.

Integrate Seamlessly with Popular Data Platforms

The platform integrates with leading data sources like Zendesk, Intercom, Delighted, Gong, app stores, and more. With Zapier integration, you can add data from virtually any source or even import CSV files.

Harness the Power of GPT-4 for Human-Level Analysis

Viable Fit's AI-powered platform provides human-like analysis that's difficult to distinguish from insights generated by humans. It utilizes deep learning to fine-tune its models and ensure a high degree of accuracy.

Easily Set Up and Sync Your Data

Get started in minutes by syncing your data with Viable Fit. The platform's easy setup process ensures you can quickly begin benefiting from its powerful analysis capabilities.

Conclusion: Transform Your Customer Feedback Analysis with Viable Fit

Viable Fit is the ultimate tool for businesses looking to save time, uncover insights, and drive product improvements. With its AI-powered platform, you can easily analyze customer feedback, identify emerging themes, and make data-driven decisions. Give Viable Fit a try and experience the transformative power of AI for your business today.

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Pricing options

  • $600
  • $1000


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