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Swell AI automates podcast content generation, crafting show notes, articles, social posts, and more, making content creation effortless and efficient

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About Swell AI

Discover Swell AI, a powerful tool that automates the creation of podcast-related content, making the process seamless and efficient for content creators and businesses.

Swell AI's Features and Benefits

Explore the innovative features of Swell AI that will revolutionize your podcast content creation process.

AI-Generated Content

Upload podcast episodes, and Swell AI's writer will automatically generate podcast show notes, articles, social posts, transcripts, summaries, and titles, saving time and effort.

Integrations for Seamless Workflow

Swell AI easily integrates with Apple Podcast, RSS feeds, Google Drive, Dropbox, and offers API access, ensuring compatibility with your existing workflow.

Built-In ChatGPT Interface

SwellChat, powered by ChatGPT, allows you to create any content, from Tweets to email newsletters, by simply providing a detailed prompt.

Manage Multiple Podcasts

Efficiently manage multiple podcasts with unique integrations for each, keeping your team organized and your content engine running smoothly.

Areas of Application for Swell AI

Swell AI is perfect for podcasters, content creators, and businesses looking to streamline their podcast content creation process.

Podcast Show Notes and Summaries

Generate detailed show notes, time-stamps, key topics, and SEO-optimized summaries to improve your podcast's visibility and rankings.

Articles and Social Media Posts

Create long-format articles, LinkedIn posts, Twitter threads, and Instagram captions based on your podcast episodes, enhancing your online presence.

Transcripts and Titles

Easily obtain transcripts for easy navigation and brainstorming with a list of suggested titles for your podcast episodes.

Swell AI: The Future of Podcast Content Creation

Swell AI revolutionizes podcast content creation with its powerful AI automation. By streamlining the generation of show notes, articles, social posts, and more, Swell AI allows you to focus on producing engaging content and growing your audience. Experience the future of podcast content creation with Swell AI today.

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $29
  • $49
  • $99


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