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Suzan offers robust AI-specific Data Loss Prevention, securing the use of AI services like ChatGPT against data leaks and non-compliant behaviors

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About Suzan

Embrace the Power of AI with Suzan

The transformative power of AI has been recognized across industries. However, alongside its benefits, AI usage has also raised legitimate concerns about data privacy, security, and ethics. Suzan emerges as an innovative solution to these challenges, offering a robust AI-specific Data Loss Prevention system.

Suzan: A New Generation of AI Security

Suzan is a zero-trust, AI-specific Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution, designed to secure the use of Generative AI services such as ChatGPT. The platform detects threats before they reach AI services and blocks inappropriate content before it impacts end-users.

Preventing Data Leaks

Suzan's robust algorithms detect and block security policy violations, preventing confidential information from being leaked to AI providers. This protection is critical in a world where employees frequently share work-related data with AI services, increasing the risk of data leaks and regulatory breaches.

Enhancing Workflow Efficiency

Instead of outright blocking a request containing sensitive information, Suzan auto-redacts the sensitive portions. This approach maintains the workflow's continuity, allowing users to benefit from AI services without compromising their data security.

Powerful Logging and Audit System

Suzan offers a powerful logging and audit system, enabling businesses to monitor AI usage and lead necessary investigations. This feature enhances transparency and compliance within the organization.

The Versatility of Suzan

The versatility of Suzan is reflected in its array of features that cater to a variety of requirements:

Cutting-edge Detection Algorithms

Suzan utilizes proprietary methods, software, and AI algorithms to detect potential threats and inappropriate requests. This feature ensures users get the most out of AI services while staying within security and ethical boundaries.

User Toolbox Included

Suzan comes with a user toolbox, helping users anonymize personal data, write better prompts, collaborate more effectively, and much more. This feature empowers users to optimize their AI interactions.

Universal Compatibility

Suzan is not just compatible with services based on ChatGPT; it works excellently with any other Generative AI services. This universal compatibility makes Suzan a versatile tool for a wide range of AI applications.

Suzan's Contribution to Ethical AI Usage

Suzan goes beyond being a security tool; it actively contributes to promoting ethical behaviors in AI usage. It comes with features that enable users to block unacceptable requests, get anonymous reports on inappropriate requests, and optimize workflows using ready-to-use templates.

Suzan for Developers

For developers and advanced use-cases, Suzan offers easy integration with third-party tools via API Integrations and Suzan Proxy. These features allow developers to secure their applications and services while ensuring compliance with policies or contractual agreements.

Suzan: Your Reliable Partner for AI Security

In conclusion, Suzan is an innovative solution that safeguards AI usage without compromising security, privacy, ethics, or compliance. It stands as a robust shield, offering real-time detection of inappropriate or illegal requests and preventing potential data leaks or non-compliant behaviors. By providing advanced detection mechanisms, user toolboxes, and promoting ethical AI behaviors, Suzan guarantees a secure and optimized AI experience. Dive into the world of AI with confidence and make the most of its potential with Suzan today.

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Pricing options

  • $29.99
  • $59.99


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