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Experience Sonix: AI-powered automated transcription, translation, subtitles, and summaries for audio and video content. Fast, accurate, and affordable

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About Sonix

Sonix: Revolutionizing Audio & Video Content with AI

Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI), Sonix is an industry-leading platform that provides automated solutions for audio and video content. It's a game-changer for individuals and businesses worldwide, offering a range of services including transcription, translation, subtitles, and summaries.

Automated Transcription

Sonix leverages AI technology to transcribe speech-to-text in over 38 languages. It's perfect for all types of audio or video content, including meetings, lectures, interviews, and films. Sonix's in-browser editor allows users to search, play, edit, organize, and share transcripts from anywhere, on any device.

Sharing and Publishing with Sonix

Sonix is more than just a transcription service. It enables users to share video clips swiftly and publish full transcripts with subtitles using the Sonix media player. This function is not only beneficial for internal use but also helps increase website traffic when used for web publishing.

Automated Translation

Sonix's advanced automated translation engine takes global communication to the next level. Users can translate their transcripts in minutes across 40+ languages, effectively increasing their global reach and facilitating cross-border collaboration.

Collaborate with Teams

Sonix goes a step further by offering comprehensive multi-user permissions. This feature allows team collaboration by enabling different access levels for upload, comment, edit, and even restricting access to certain files or folders.

Automated Subtitles and Summaries

With the goal of making videos more accessible, searchable, and engaging, Sonix provides an automated subtitle feature that remains flexible for customization. Furthermore, Sonix can generate concise summaries of your transcripts within seconds, condensing lengthy transcripts into well-organized paragraphs or bullet points.

Organize and Search

Sonix's AI algorithms automatically summarize transcripts, enabling users to search for words, phrases, and themes across all their transcripts. With multi-folder nesting, staying organized has never been easier.

Integrate your Workflow

Sonix seamlessly connects with tools such as Zoom and Adobe Premiere, enhancing your workflow efficiency by integrating the transcription and translation services into your existing platforms.

Security with Sonix

Sonix places a high emphasis on security and privacy. Committed to safeguarding user data, Sonix offers multiple layers of protection for the personal information entrusted to it.


Sonix has revolutionized the handling of audio and video content by offering AI-powered automated solutions. Its versatility in transcribing, translating, summarizing, and subtitling content is invaluable to users across various professions, from journalists and researchers to podcasters and filmmakers. Sonix makes cross-border collaboration easier, makes content more accessible, and ensures top-notch security for user data. With Sonix, handling audio and video content becomes a fast, accurate, and affordable process.

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Pricing options

  • $5
  • $10


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