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Never miss a customer call again with Simple Phones, an AI-driven phone service offering affordable, customizable, and efficient call handling solutions

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About Simple Phones

Simple Phones: AI-Driven Call Handling for Your Business

Simple Phones is an innovative AI-powered phone service designed to enhance customer call experiences. With a range of versatile features, it allows businesses to effectively manage their calls and improve overall customer satisfaction.

Key Features of Simple Phones

AI Voice Agent

All calls are answered by a customizable AI voice agent, which improves over time and can be adjusted to better handle edge cases.

Call Routing and Notifications

Route or forward calls to different numbers and send texts or emails to team members, ensuring timely responses to customer needs.

Call Logging

Maintain a transparent record of all calls, including caller details, call duration, and transcripts.

Affordable and Flexible Pricing

Control your spending with a pre-paid system and no commitment, allowing you to add balance to your account and refill as needed.

Customizable AI Agent

Tailor your AI agent to suit your specific use case, whether it's booking appointments, calculating payments, or answering FAQs.

Dedicated Customer Support

Receive prompt and accurate assistance for any questions or AI agent revisions, ensuring a high-quality experience.

Benefits of Using Simple Phones

Improved Customer Satisfaction

With AI-driven call handling, ensure your customers receive prompt and efficient assistance, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty.

Increased Efficiency

By having AI agents manage calls, your team can focus on other important tasks and reduce time spent on phone interactions.

Versatile Applications

Simple Phones is adaptable to various industries and use cases, providing tailored call handling solutions for any business.

Seamless Integrations

Integrate with popular CRM systems and tools like Zapier to ensure a smooth flow of customer information and fulfill requests effectively.

Areas of Application

Small Businesses

Easily manage missed calls, book appointments, and answer customer inquiries without the need for a dedicated call center.

Healthcare Providers

Efficiently handle patient calls, appointment scheduling, and prescription refill requests with an AI-driven voice agent.


Enhance customer support and answer product or shipping inquiries, ensuring a seamless shopping experience.

Financial Services

Create custom AI agents to provide customers with real-time financial information, account support, and transaction assistance.

Experience the power of Simple Phones and revolutionize your customer call handling with AI-driven efficiency and customization.

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Pricing options

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