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Boost your Amazon sales with Sellesta's AI-driven platform for keyword research, listing optimization, review analysis, and competitor tracking

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About Sellesta

Dominate Amazon Sales with Sellesta AI Optimization

Unlock the power of AI-driven optimization for your Amazon listings with Sellesta, the ultimate platform for boosting sales and maximizing ROI.

Comprehensive Keyword Research

Find the most relevant keywords for your Amazon listings in seconds with Sellesta's advanced keyword research tools. No need for reverse ASIN searches; get insights on search volume, organic rank, and competitor analysis.

Integrated Listing Optimization

Sellesta's AI-driven platform streamlines listing optimization, maximizing organic traffic and sales. Enhance your listing titles, bullet points, and generic keywords with ease.

Listing Scoring and Analysis

Evaluate your listings and competitors' listings with Sellesta's optimization checklist, covering key aspects like product title, description, images, and review count.

Review Insights

Understand customer sentiment with Sellesta's review analysis, summarizing hundreds of reviews in seconds. Discover key tags, emotional tones, and gain insights to improve your listings.

Track Competitors and Monitor Performance

Stay ahead of the competition with Sellesta's real-time tracking of competitor BSR, keywords, prices, and listing optimization scores.

AI-Powered Listing Optimization

Elevate your Amazon listing with Sellesta's AI technology, improving keyword strategies and streamlining listing updates.

Daily Keyword Tracking

Monitor your product keyword rankings daily, adapting your SEO and PPC strategies to stay ahead in the ever-changing Amazon marketplace.


Sellesta is the comprehensive AI-driven solution for maximizing your Amazon sales. With cutting-edge features like keyword research, listing optimization, review analysis, and competitor tracking, Sellesta empowers sellers to dominate their niche and stay ahead of the competition. Experience the unparalleled benefits of Sellesta and transform your Amazon business today.

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $5
  • $39


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