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Experience seamless search and instant access to your files, emails, and messages with SID, your personal AI-powered assistant

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About SID

SID: Revolutionize Your Workflow with Personalized ChatGPT

Experience seamless search and instant access to your files, emails, and messages across all your applications with SID, your personal AI-powered assistant.

Unlock the Power of SID

Your Personal Model: Leveraging GPT-tech, SID accurately interprets the intent behind each query and extracts the information you need, regardless of where it is stored.

Work Faster, Stay in the Flow: With SID, find the right piece of information across multiple applications without breaking your workflow.

Forget File Names, Start Searching: SID understands your search intent, even without specific file names or folders. It's like asking a colleague for help.

Key Features of SID

Cut Through the Noise: No irrelevant results or app-hopping. SID finds the exact paragraph you need in all your applications.

Effortless Insight: Like Google's OneBox, SID extracts the required information from documents, so you don't even have to open them.

Quick and Easy Setup: Download and install SID, then let it index your files. Click «New Chat» to access your personalized ChatGPT.

How SID Works

Accessible and Powerful: SID is just a click away. Use ⌘+J to start a new chat from anywhere, and let it automatically find the paragraph that answers your question.

Trusted Answers: Check the sources on the left-hand side to confirm information. SID gets smarter the more files and articles you add.

Future Subscription: While the beta version is free, a subscription will be charged in the future to ensure SID's continuous operation and development.


SID is an AI-powered, personalized ChatGPT that revolutionizes your workflow by providing seamless search and instant access to information across all your applications. With its innovative features and user-friendly interface, SID simplifies and streamlines your work processes, enhancing productivity and efficiency.

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