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Enhance your AI workflow with Promptbox, a versatile tool for organizing, sharing, and saving AI prompts for Chat GPT, Mid-journey, Bing, and more

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About Promptbox

Promptbox is a powerful and versatile tool designed to help digital artists, copywriters, and productivity enthusiasts manage and share their AI prompts efficiently. With an array of features, Promptbox simplifies your AI workflow and keeps your prompts organized, accessible, and easy to share.

Key Features of Promptbox

Public Link Sharing

Share your AI prompts effortlessly with public links, enabling easy access and collaboration.

Reusable Templates & Variables

Create reusable templates with variables for a streamlined and efficient workflow.

Organize with Folders, Colors, & Icons

Keep your prompts organized using folders, colors, and icons, ensuring quick access and improved productivity.

Universal Compatibility

Promptbox is compatible with all AI tools, including Chat GPT, Mid-journey, Bing, and more.

Benefits of Using Promptbox

Simplified AI Workflow

Promptbox's user-friendly interface and features help you manage your prompts and improve your AI workflow.

Enhanced Collaboration

Share your prompts with your audience or team members, fostering collaboration and idea exchange.

Increased Productivity

Organize your prompts effectively, saving time and effort in searching for and accessing specific prompts.

Areas of Application

Promptbox is suitable for a wide range of users, including:

  • Digital artists seeking an efficient way to manage and share their AI prompts
  • Copywriters looking for a streamlined solution to organize and access their AI-generated content
  • Productivity enthusiasts aiming to optimize their AI workflow for better efficiency


Promptbox is a comprehensive solution for managing, sharing, and saving AI prompts, making it an invaluable tool for digital artists, copywriters, and productivity hackers. Its user-friendly interface, compatibility with various AI tools, and organizational features make Promptbox the ideal choice for enhancing your AI workflow. Give Promptbox a try and experience a new level of efficiency and productivity in your AI projects.

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $4


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