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PromptExtend, an AI-powered Art Prompt generator, simplifies art creation with extended prompts for various AI art tools. Unleash your creativity effortlessly and free of charge

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About PromptExtend

PromptExtend is an innovative AI-powered Art Prompt generator tool designed to extend and elaborate starting prompts for detailed art creation. With versatile usage and ease of use, PromptExtend caters to a wide range of artists and creators, offering a simple yet powerful solution to unlock creative art prompts and ideas.

Key Features of PromptExtend

Versatile Compatibility

PromptExtend is compatible with various AI art creation tools, such as, midjourneyAI, nightcafe, and starryai, making it a versatile solution for your art projects.

Easy-to-Use Interface

No sign-up or installation is required. Simply enter your main idea and receive 8-10 relevant extended prompts, perfect for jump-starting your creative process.

Copy-Paste Functionality

Effortlessly copy generated prompts to your clipboard and use them in any AI art generator, saving time and streamlining your workflow.

Free & Accessible

PromptExtend is available for use on any device and operating system, ensuring you can access creative prompts wherever inspiration strikes.

Benefits for Artists & Creators

Unleash AI Art Potential

Explore the capabilities of AI in art and experiment with various techniques and styles, broadening your artistic horizons.

Discover New Ideas & Inspiration

Concept artists can use PromptExtend to generate unique ideas and inspiration for their work, pushing creative boundaries.

Simplify Visual Creation

Visual creators seeking unique drawing or painting prompts can effortlessly generate extended prompts with PromptExtend, streamlining their projects.


PromptExtend offers an accessible and powerful solution for artists looking to leverage AI in generating creative art prompts and ideas. Its versatile compatibility, ease of use, and free accessibility make it an invaluable tool for artists and creators seeking inspiration and a simplified creative process. Try PromptExtend today and experience the endless possibilities of AI-powered art prompts!

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Pricing options

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