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Achieve sustainable growth and better risk management with, a SaaS tool for data-driven leaders. Measure, analyze, and take action on crucial business data

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Unlock Sustainable Growth with Data-Driven Leadership Tool

Empower next-level leaders with actionable insights is a SaaS tool designed for data-driven leadership, offering business leaders the ability to measure, analyze, monitor, and understand critical business data. By focusing on leading indicators rather than lagging ones, helps companies achieve sustainable growth and better risk management, all while keeping people at the heart of the process.

Access crucial data and prioritize actions

Based on research and AI-proven results, enables leaders to:

  • Access vital data behind the numbers
  • Prioritize data into concrete actions
  • Onboard the entire team to the process
  • Monitor the impact made together

How works

Follow these steps to leverage for sustainable growth in your company's culture, skills, motivation, and overall business:

  1. Sign in: Create your own account
  2. Collect data: Involve your talent and gather their thoughts about their current work situation
  3. Analyze: Assess your company's current condition in critical factors
  4. Get a To-do list: Determine the next steps for building a better business
  5. See the numbers: Use finances as an easy way to evaluate progress
  6. Evaluate: Monitor how your development process affects your business

Understand data and Company Fitness Index® turns business intelligence into intelligent business by providing actionable insights. The Company Fitness Index® measures your company's fitness with a rating of 0-100, aiming for a target state of 80 or higher. This index combines the following measures:

  • Efficiency: Organization, processes, and cooperation
  • Capability: Ability to work, know-how, and motivation
  • Leadership: Management of things, individuals, and teams

Improving one measure can positively impact the others, so it's essential to focus on strengths and opportunities.

Evaluate Company Culture evaluates company culture based on four types, with each type's percentage shares always totaling 100%. These types include:

  • Disconnected: Unclear purpose, goals, and rules
  • Authoritative: Commanding and harsh (negative) or clear, equal, and purposeful (positive)
  • Individual: Working by one's own rules (negative) or adhering to common rules (positive)
  • Productive: Simultaneously strengthening capability and efficiency

Implement and track tasks suggests specific tasks to improve efficiency, capability, and leadership. You can also add your own tasks, inviting your team to prioritize and complete them together.

In conclusion, is a powerful tool for data-driven leaders seeking sustainable growth and better risk management. By leveraging actionable insights and fostering a productive company culture, you can turn your business's downward spiral into a positive flywheel. Try today and experience the difference data-driven leadership can make. Reviews

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $199


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