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Polymath streamlines music production by converting any music library into a searchable sample-library using machine learning

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About Polymath

Polymath: Unleash Your Music Library's Full Potential

Polymath is a cutting-edge tool that uses machine learning to transform any music library, whether from a hard drive or YouTube, into a music production sample-library. It simplifies the workflow for music producers, DJs, and ML audio developers, enabling them to create unique compositions, mash-ups, and datasets with ease.

Polymath's Powerful Features

  • Automatic song separation: Splits songs into stems (beats, bass, etc.)
  • Quantization and alignment: Adjusts tempo and beat-grid for seamless integration
  • Music structure analysis: Identifies verse, chorus, key, and other elements
  • Audio to MIDI conversion: Streamlines working with music in your DAW

Use Cases for Polymath

Polymath's versatility allows for a wide range of applications:

  • Music producers: Combine different song elements to create unique compositions
  • DJs: Craft polished, hour-long mash-up sets with ease
  • ML audio developers: Simplify the creation of large music datasets for training generative models

How Polymath Works

Polymath leverages various neural networks and tools to analyze and process your music library:

  • Demucs neural network for music source separation
  • sf_segmenter neural network for music structure segmentation and labeling
  • Crepe neural network for pitch tracking and key detection
  • Basic Pitch neural network for audio to MIDI transcription
  • pyrubberband for music quantization and alignment
  • librosa for music info retrieval and processing

Get Started with Polymath

Transform your music library into a music production sample-library with Polymath's machine learning capabilities.


Polymath offers a groundbreaking solution for music producers, DJs, and ML audio developers looking to unlock the full potential of their music library. By converting any music library into a searchable sample-library using advanced machine learning techniques, Polymath streamlines workflows and empowers users to create exceptional compositions, DJ sets, and datasets. Experience the power of Polymath and revolutionize your music production process.

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Pricing options

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