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Transform your 3D animation workflow with Plask's AI-driven mocap tools. Capture, edit, and share animations effortlessly

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About Plask

Discover Plask's innovative AI-powered mocap tools that simplify 3D motion creation and sharing. Explore the features, benefits, and wide range of applications for various industries.

Transform Your 3D Motion Workflow with Plask

Plask's groundbreaking AI-driven mocap tools allow users to:

Capture and Edit Motion with Ease

  • Extract moving motion from video without expensive bodysuits or motion capture setups
  • Edit, playback, and share animations directly in your browser

Seamless Integration with Professional Tools

  • Supports popular file formats, including GLB, FBX, BVH, and more
  • Compatible with Unity, Maya, Unreal, 3DS, and Plask

Collaborate and Create in the Browser

  • Work solo or collaborate with your team in real-time (coming soon)

Plask API: The Best Performing AI Motion Capture Solution

With the Plask API, users can access:

  • Fully customizable and ready-to-use AI motion capture for various applications
  • Automated 3D animation workflow for businesses

Advanced 3D Features for Accurate Animation Quality

Plask continuously develops and updates new features to enhance animation performance and accuracy.

Plask's Applications Across Industries

Plask's AI-powered mocap tools can be applied to a variety of industries, including:

Game Engines

  • Motion-based social games, animation, special effects, and virtual reality

Social Media

  • Animation and special effects for immersive user experiences


  • Content creation tools for digital art and collectibles

Health Care & Athletics

  • Physical therapy, sports medicine, athletic performance, and rehabilitation

Compatibility and Integration

Plask API provides motion capture data in JSON format for easy integration with various 3D tools and platforms.

Unleash your creative potential and revolutionize your 3D motion workflow with Plask's innovative AI-powered mocap tools. Experience unparalleled ease and efficiency in 3D animation and transform your projects across multiple industries.

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $50


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