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Turn any image into pixel-perfect sprite art with Pixelicious, the ultimate image-to-pixel art converter for seamless game development integration

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About Pixelicious

Pixelicious is a powerful, stand-alone tool designed to convert your images into pixel art for game development. With plans for integration within the Scenario web app, Pixelicious makes it easy to create retro-inspired pixel art from any image, whether AI-generated or an original design.

Effortless Image-to-Pixel Art Conversion with Pixelicious

Unlock the potential of your images by turning them into pixel-perfect sprites with just one click. Ideal for game developers and designers looking to add a retro touch to their projects, Pixelicious simplifies the process of creating pixel art from various image sources.

Key Features of Pixelicious

  1. Quick Conversion: Import any image and transform it into pixel art in a single click, streamlining your creative process.
  2. Versatile Image Compatibility: Work with AI-generated images or your own original designs, allowing for endless possibilities.
  3. Seamless Integration: Pixelicious will soon be integrated within the Scenario web app, providing a comprehensive game development solution.
  4. Retro-Inspired Design: Create pixel-perfect sprites that evoke the nostalgic charm of classic games.

Boost Your Game Development with Pixelicious

Pixelicious is perfect for game developers, designers, and pixel art enthusiasts looking to convert images into captivating pixel art. By simplifying the conversion process, this innovative tool saves time and effort while unlocking new creative possibilities for your game projects. Embrace the power of Pixelicious and elevate your game design to new heights.

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Pricing options

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