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Phind, a developer-focused search engine, offers instant answers, simple explanations, and relevant code snippets for technical questions powered by AI

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About Phind

Introducing Phind: The AI-Powered Search Engine Tailored for Developers and Technical Queries

Phind, formerly known as Hello, is a revolutionary search engine designed specifically for developers and technical queries. By providing instant answers, simple explanations, and relevant code snippets from the web, Phind streamlines the process of finding information for developers.

The essence of Phind lies in its AI-driven approach, utilizing large, proprietary language models to generate accurate and helpful answers based on information from multiple sources. With Phind, developers can enjoy a seamless and informative search experience, similar to talking to a knowledgeable friend.

To maximize the effectiveness of Phind, users should:

  1. Ask full and detailed questions, starting with phrases like «what is…» or «how to…»
  2. Specify the topic of interest, if appropriate, by including terms like «.in Python» or «.using Next.js»
  3. Reframe queries for better results, such as changing «check if string is a palindrome» to «how to check if string is a palindrome in JavaScript»

Phind also offers customization options for search results, allowing users to add domain names and keywords to rank websites differently.

Setting Phind as the default search engine is a straightforward process, with instructions provided for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Brave browsers. Additionally, Phind supports «bang search shortcuts» for quickly searching different sites using shortcuts like! g for Google or! d for DuckDuckGo.

The benefits of Phind are numerous:

  1. Developers can save time and effort searching for answers to technical questions
  2. Instant access to accurate and helpful information, powered by advanced AI
  3. Customizable search results and search shortcuts for a tailored experience


With its AI-powered approach and focus on developers' needs, Phind is set to become an essential tool for programmers and technical users worldwide, enhancing their search experience and productivity.

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