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Peech is a generative AI video platform for marketing teams to create unlimited, high-quality videos aligned with their marketing strategy. Automate your video creation process and repurpose existing content to save time and resources

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About Peech

Peech is a video creation platform powered by generative AI technology, designed to help marketing teams efficiently produce engaging videos aligned with their overall marketing strategy. Peech's NLP technology enables teams to generate an unlimited number of high-quality videos, from video testimonials to repurposing webinars, to increase their video production process at scale.

Time-Saving and Automated Video Production

One of the major benefits of Peech is its ability to automate the video production process, saving time and resources for marketing teams. With the platform's streamlined process, users can effortlessly obtain professionally edited video testimonials from customers, generate post-edited videos for increased engagement and ROI, and even create custom visual styles with the help of Peech's visual team.

Creating High-Quality Testimonial Videos

Peech's efficient process allows users to quickly create high-quality testimonial videos in just a few clicks, as well as generate unlimited video versions tailored to different social media channels. The platform's auto-generated visual elements and subtitles help deliver the content message and catch the audience's eye, making it easier to engage with audiences across various platforms.

Repurposing Content for Maximum Reach

Peech also allows users to repurpose existing content and expand their reach to new audiences. With its ability to fit aspect ratios to different social media channels and translate videos to different languages, marketing teams can maximize the value of their content while engaging with potential customers in a more meaningful way.


Overall, Peech is an excellent platform for marketing teams looking to increase their video production process, generate high-quality videos at scale, and maximize the value of their content. With its generative AI technology and efficient process, Peech helps users produce professionally edited and branded video content with customizable design elements, empowering them to become unstoppable creators in the world of video marketing.

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $49
  • $399


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