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Create stunning video ads for your eCommerce business in minutes with Oxolo. Just paste a URL and let AI generate the perfect video for you

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About Oxolo

Oxolo: The Future of eCommerce Video Ads

Oxolo is a revolutionary AI-powered tool that creates engaging video ads for your eCommerce business with just one click. Simply paste your product URL, and let Oxolo handle the rest, from scripting to imagery selection.

Unmatched Marketing ROI for eCommerce

With Oxolo, you can expect:

  • 40% more organic search traffic
  • 80% more engagement
  • 50% faster revenue growth

These impressive results are made possible by Oxolo's streamlined video creation process and focus on eCommerce optimization.

Four Easy Steps to Boost Sales

Increase your eCommerce sales in just four steps:

  1. Enter URL: Paste your product listing's URL into Oxolo to generate a video script.
  2. Fast Video Creation: Oxolo handles everything from storyboarding to actor selection, delivering a complete video in minutes.
  3. Final Polish: Customize your video with Oxolo's user-friendly editor, swapping actors, voices, images, and more.
  4. Download & Share: Share your video on your product page, website, or social media to watch your sales soar.

Personalize Your Video with Ease

Oxolo's built-in editor allows you to fine-tune your video, ensuring it meets your unique requirements. Change voices, actors, music, script, and images to create the perfect video for your brand.

Designed for eCommerce Success

Oxolo's video templates and themes are specifically crafted for eCommerce businesses, focusing on:

  • Short and effective content
  • Brand relatability
  • Customer retention
  • SEO ranking improvement
  • User engagement

Comprehensive Feature List

Oxolo offers a wide range of features, including:

  • Ready in minutes
  • One-click video creation
  • HD downloads
  • Credits that never expire
  • 40+ languages
  • AI actors with human emotion
  • Extensive image and video catalog
  • Original music library
  • Unique templates
  • User-friendly studio editor
  • Display script
  • Easy updates


Oxolo is the ultimate AI-driven tool for creating stunning video ads that drive eCommerce sales. With a seamless process and powerful features, Oxolo delivers the best marketing ROI for your online business. Boost your eCommerce sales and outshine your competition with Oxolo's one-click video ad creation today.

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $25.99


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