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Discover Originality.AI, the most accurate AI content detector and plagiarism checker for content publishers, marketers, and SEOs. Ensure unique, human-written content

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About Originality.AI

Originality.AI: The Ultimate AI Content Detector and Plagiarism Checker

In today's digital landscape, content publishers, marketers, and SEOs face increasing challenges in verifying the originality and quality of the content they produce or receive. Enter Originality.AI, the most accurate AI content detector and plagiarism checker designed specifically for serious content publishers.

Elevate Your Content Verification Process

Originality.AI understands the importance of maintaining high-quality, human-written content for your website. With its cutting-edge AI detection and plagiarism checking features, you can confidently verify the true source of the content you receive and protect your website from Google AI content updates.

Unparalleled Accuracy and Efficiency

Originality.AI's proprietary AI technology surpasses its competitors in accuracy and effectiveness. Boasting a 96% accuracy rate across 1,200 data samples, Originality.AI significantly outperforms the competition. Its advanced AI detection algorithm can accurately identify content generated by popular AI writing tools like ChatGPT, GPT-2, GPT-3, GPT-4, Bard, and Quillbot.

Designed for Web Publishers, Not Academia

Traditional plagiarism checkers cater to academic needs, often failing to address the unique requirements of web publishers. Originality.AI is specifically built for content marketing and SEO professionals, offering features such as team management, full site scanning, auto-billing, user scan history, and AI writing detection.

Applications for Various Users

Web Publishers

Ensure your content is original, plagiarism-free, and human-written. Utilize Originality.AI's team management function and activity history to maintain control over your content verification process.

Content Agencies

Efficiently manage large teams and verify that original content is produced at scale. Originality.AI's team management module and auto-billing feature streamline content verification and provide increased confidence to clients.

Website Buyers

Check an entire site for original content with Originality.AI's full site scan feature (coming soon). Gain a comprehensive understanding of a site's content originality risk before purchasing.

Originality.AI Chrome Extension

Originality.AI's Chrome extension offers even greater convenience and accessibility for content verification. Check emails, Google Docs, WordPress content, and websites for AI-generated content with ease.

Key Features of Originality.AI

AI Detection

Originality.AI's AI detection module provides a score from 0-100, indicating the likelihood that content was produced by an AI writing tool.

Team Management

Effortlessly add or remove team members, manage access levels, and view a complete record of all user activity.

Full Site Scan (Coming Soon)

Scan an entire website for AI-generated content and plagiarism by simply entering the site's URL.

Simple Pricing & Renewal

Enjoy affordable rates and auto-renewal for credits, ensuring your team never runs out of scanning resources.

AI Detection API

Integrate AI detection into your existing content creation workflow or custom tools with Originality.AI's easy-to-use API.


Originality.AI is the ultimate solution for content publishers, marketers, and SEOs seeking an advanced, accurate AI content detector and plagiarism checker. Stay ahead of the competition and future-proof your online presence with Originality.AI. Don't let outdated plagiarism checkers hold you back—embrace the next generation of content verification today.

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Pricing options

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