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Discover Opus, the all-in-one solution for repurposing video content and enhancing live streams with AI-powered tools that boost engagement and growth

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About Opus

Opus offers a powerful suite of AI-powered tools designed to help creators and marketers enhance their video content and live streams. With Opus Clip and Opus Studio, you can supercharge your social media presence, increase engagement, and reach a wider audience without breaking the bank or investing countless hours in content creation.

Opus Clip: Repurpose Long Videos into Viral Shorts

Opus Clip allows you to turn long videos into 10 short, professional clips optimized for YouTube Shorts, TikTok, and Instagram Reels. Simply import your video, and let the AI do the heavy lifting by trimming, resizing, and editing your content into engaging short clips. Post daily, reach more viewers, and accelerate your monetization efforts.

Opus Studio: Boost Your Live Streams with AI Magic Tools

Opus Studio offers an array of AI magic tools that can increase your live stream engagement rate by double digits in just five minutes. Create professional live streams with full customization options, interactive features, and one-click content repurposing to maximize growth and reach.

Key Features of Opus Clip and Opus Studio

AI-Powered Video Repurposing and Editing

Opus Clip uses AI curation, face detection, and video cropping to create captivating short clips from your long videos. Auto captions, emojis, and a viral score prediction ensure your content is engaging and primed for virality.

Comprehensive Live Stream Enhancement

Opus Studio offers full customization, multistreaming capabilities, and a range of AI-powered engagement tools like Magic Poll, Magic Memes, Video Comment, and Emoji Rain. Grow your audience, boost engagement, and promote your brand effortlessly.

Opus: The Future of Video Content and Live Streaming

Opus is revolutionizing the way creators and marketers approach video content and live streaming. With its AI-powered tools, Opus Clip and Opus Studio make it easy to create, engage, and grow your audience, all from one intuitive platform. Try Opus today and experience the difference for yourself.

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