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OpenOS, a virtual data analyst & CFO. Leverage machine learning to analyze user, finance, & marketing data using natural language. No technical skills required

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About OpenOS

OpenOS: A Revolutionary Tool for Data & Financial Analysis

In the era of data-driven decisions, OpenOS emerges as a remarkable tool engineered for Startups and SMEs. Acting as your virtual data analyst and CFO, OpenOS uses natural language and popular machine learning models like GPT, Tapas, and Prophet to analyze, model, and forecast your data.

OpenOS: User-friendly Data Analysis

OpenOS is an accessible, intuitive tool designed for non-technical team members. It offers a broad range of features to analyze and visualize your data.

Leveraging Natural Language for Data Querying

OpenOS transforms the way data is queried. It uses natural language processing (NLP) to convert natural language queries into SQL. This capability allows team members to interact with data without requiring technical SQL knowledge. They can build and share reports, analyze data, forecast trends, and even ask the platform for analysis assistance.

OpenOS: Simplified Financial Analysis

OpenOS also excels at financial analysis. With its natural language interface, creating reports, forecasting, and querying data has never been more straightforward.

Generating Reports Made Easy

Creating and sharing reports is a breeze with OpenOS. The platform hosts a library of common data and financial reports. These reports can be populated with your data using a simple command. From user retention and marketing effectiveness to financial statements and revenue forecasts, OpenOS caters to all your reporting needs.

Consolidating Data from Various Sources

Data fragmentation is a common challenge for businesses. OpenOS eliminates this problem by integrating with various data sources, including databases and financial data like bank statements and payment gateways.

Seamless Integration with Databases

OpenOS supports integration with relational databases, with plans to include non-relational databases soon. It ensures your data privacy by indexing only the schema and accessing the database only when a query is executed.

Handling Financial Data

OpenOS can integrate your financial data for a quick check of financial transactions and report generation. It uses machine learning models to auto-classify your transactions and NLP to query the appropriate APIs to retrieve data.

Harnessing Machine Learning Models

OpenOS is built to leverage popular machine learning models without requiring any technical expertise.

OpenOS and GPT

The platform uses GPT, a language model, to process natural language queries and produce data analysis and financial forecasts.

OpenOS and Prophet

OpenOS enables you to use and fine-tune Prophet, a forecasting tool developed by Facebook’s Core Data Science team. Prophet is used for creating time-series forecasts of your data and finances.

OpenOS, Amazon Q, and Tapas

OpenOS integrates Tapas, an open-source model by Google designed for tabular data. It combines models for natural language to SQL, improving results upon use.

OpenOS and BERT

OpenOS also employs BERT, a language model used for various natural language processing tasks. It's an open-source model released by Google.


OpenOS stands as a game-changer in the data and financial analysis space. With its user-friendly interface, natural language processing, and leveraging of advanced machine learning models, it's making data-driven decision-making accessible to non-technical users. Whether you're a startup or an SME, OpenOS brings an intuitive, comprehensive, and secure solution to your data and financial analysis needs. Unleash the full potential of your data with OpenOS.

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