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Mubert revolutionizes the music industry with AI. Create, earn, integrate, and enjoy generative music tailored to your needs - effortlessly and royalty-free

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About Mubert

Discover Mubert — AI-Driven Music Creation for All

In the modern era, artificial intelligence (AI) has been instrumental in transforming various industries, and music is no exception. Enter Mubert, a ground-breaking platform that uses AI to generate music tailored to specific user needs.

Mubert: A Symbiosis of Humans and Algorithms

Mubert represents an innovative fusion of human creativity and AI's limitless potential. Harnessing millions of samples from hundreds of artists, Mubert's AI technology creates a piece of music that's unique, royalty-free, and flawlessly suited to its purpose. It's the perfect embodiment of human and technology collaboration, ensuring optimal sound every time.

Mubert Render: The Perfect Soundtrack for Content Creators

Mubert Render is designed for content creators looking to give their videos, podcasts, or apps a unique audio touch. Users can easily create soundtracks matching their content’s mood, duration, and tempo. Simply select the parameters of the future soundtrack, and Mubert will generate extraordinary music in a matter of seconds.

Mubert Studio: A Platform for Artists

Mubert Studio offers an unprecedented opportunity for artists to monetize their tracks, samples, and loops. It allows artists to collaborate with AI, reach a wider audience, and earn from their creations. With Mubert Studio, not a single beat goes to waste.

Mubert API: Revolutionizing Brands & Developers' Experience

The Mubert API is a powerful tool for developers and brands to integrate original, stress-free, royalty-free music into their products. By adding personalized audio experiences, they can significantly enhance their user engagement and overall business growth. Mubert API ensures an infinite supply of high-quality audio material, ready to be used commercially in any desired manner.

Mubert Play: Infinite Soundtracks for Every Moment

For listeners, Mubert Play offers an evolving music experience for all occasions. It creates infinite soundtracks based on the chosen mood, from Calm Meditation to Sports Extreme, providing a unique audio stream for each moment of life. Mubert Play ensures the perfect soundtrack is always there, tailored specifically for you.


Mubert stands as a testament to the power of AI in revolutionizing the music industry. Its ability to generate unique, purpose-fit, royalty-free music on demand is game-changing. Whether you are a content creator, an artist, a developer, a brand, or a listener, Mubert offers you a platform to create, earn, integrate, and enjoy music like never before. Embrace the future of music with Mubert, where AI and human creativity join hands to deliver extraordinary audio experiences.

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $11.69
  • $32.49
  • $149.29


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