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Optimize your tasks and manage knowledge efficiently with Layup's AI-powered platform, integrating with over 170 applications

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About Layup

Layup: Revolutionizing Workflow and Knowledge Management with AI

In the world of corporate efficiency, Layup stands tall as an AI-powered platform that optimizes workflows and enhances knowledge management. Layup allows you to complete workflows, search for documents, and generate insights by leveraging data across your company's systems and services.

Layup: Your Company's AI Sidekick

Layup acts as your company's AI sidekick. It can initiate instant, customized workflows to complete your everyday tasks with a simple prompt. Its dynamic templates ensure that you never have to start from scratch when drafting talking points, emails, board decks, and more.

Contextual Chat and Embedded History

With Layup's contextual chat, you can ask a question and receive not only an answer but also the document from which the answer was derived. The platform also embeds history, allowing you to reference historical projects and workflows instantly.

A Robust Integration Ecosystem

One of the unique features of Layup is its extensive integration capability. With over 170 integrations, Layup can seamlessly connect with your company's applications, enhancing workflow and knowledge management efficiency. It can choreograph workflows instantly, working across all systems.

Personalized and Extended Applications

From Salesforce and Google Docs to Greenhouse and Rippling, Layup streamlines data processing and sharing across multiple platforms. Whether you need to create a customer overview or set up a new user, Layup gets the job done efficiently.

An Abundance of Data Sources

Layup integrates with personal, company-wide, and external knowledge bases to optimize your workflows. It respects the unique level of access of each team member, providing a curated and personalized experience.

Time-Saving and Focused on What Matters

With Layup, you can focus on what matters most. The platform enables workflows and output rather than time-consuming searches. Every company has unique knowledge and workflow needs. Layup allows you to create workflow templates, save them, and enrich them with your company's growing knowledge base.


In summary, Layup is a revolutionary platform that uses AI to streamline workflows and enhance knowledge management. It integrates with a vast range of applications and data sources to provide a personalized and efficient experience. Whether you are a startup or a large enterprise, Layup can help you optimize your tasks and manage knowledge efficiently. By choosing Layup, you choose to save time, focus on what matters, and build what matters most. Embrace the future of efficient workflow and knowledge management with Layup.

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