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Boost your customer experience with Kommunicate, a codeless AI chatbot integration for customer support. Generate leads, reduce resolution time and deliver the perfect blend of automation and human touch

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About Kommunicate

Kommunicate: Revolutionizing Customer Service with AI-Powered Chatbots

What is Kommunicate?

Kommunicate is a revolutionary platform designed to transform customer interactions. Using cutting-edge AI chatbots, Kommunicate allows you to automate customer conversations, improve customer experience, and generate more leads. By offering both automation and human touch, it ensures an impeccable impact on customer service.

Codeless Integration for a Better Customer Experience

Kommunicate is an easy-to-use chatbot builder that doesn't require any coding. It allows seamless bot to human hand-off, ensuring the best customer experience. Not only does it manage customer conversations from various platforms, such as bots, live chat, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Line, but it also leverages user information and conversation history for more personalized interactions.

With a simple, intuitive interface, Kommunicate is powered by powerful conversational AI. It empowers you to create NLP-powered support bots and conversational workflows without needing any code.

Boost Your Business with Kommunicate

Whether you're looking to qualify leads, schedule meetings, or provide 24/7 customer support, Kommunicate has you covered. Its chatbots can collect prospect information for better lead qualification and offer support outside business hours.

The platform also allows easy integration across all your platforms. Use web and WordPress plugins, Android, iOS, and hybrid mobile SDKs to set up your support system. With powerful analytics for both humans and bots, and AI-powered intent insights, you'll always be at the top of your game.

Scale with Confidence

Kommunicate allows you to scale your business with a fully managed bot platform. Whether you're creating your bots or adding third-party bots, you can manage everything in one place.

The platform supports popular bot-builder platforms like Dialogflow and Amazon Lex, allowing you to create custom bots for your business. And if your bot is unable to answer a query, the conversation is automatically handed off to a human.

More Than Just Live Chat

Kommunicate isn't just a live chat platform. It's an all-in-one solution for intelligent, user-friendly customer support and lead generation. Customizable options allow you to fine-tune the chat according to your brand image and requirements.

Never let a lead slip away with in-chat lead collection forms. Use instant responses for common queries, set up interactive alerts, and always be present for your customers with away messages.

Reliable Customer Support

At the heart of Kommunicate is excellent customer support. With a dedicated support team and Eve, their friendly support bot, you can rely on best-in-class support and quick resolutions.


Kommunicate offers an innovative solution for customer support and lead generation. Its AI-powered chatbots, seamless integration, and easy-to-use interface make it an invaluable tool for businesses looking to improve their customer experience. With Kommunicate, you're not just adopting a platform; you're embracing the future of customer interactions.

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $40
  • $100


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