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Jetlink’s advanced Conversational AI boosts customer engagement with its sophisticated features. Offering true understanding, multi-language support, dynamic answers, and more

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About Jetlink

Revolutionize Your Customer Service with Jetlink's Conversational AI Engine

What is Jetlink?

Jetlink is a groundbreaking service that incorporates Conversational AI, aiming to enhance customer service experience. With Jetlink's unique Probabilistic AI, Self-learning system, and parallel working 3 NLP engines, businesses can create a virtual assistant that understands and responds to customer queries effectively and empathetically.

Features of Jetlink's Conversational AI Engine

True Understanding

Jetlink's Conversational AI engine identifies the user's intent and relevance beyond the text, analyzing the query semantically to provide the most accurate response. This true understanding leads to meaningful conversations with customers, ensuring their needs are met.

Contextual and Memory Driven Conversations

Jetlink's Conversational AI engine uses short-term and long-term memory to associate a question with the previous one, guaranteeing that the customer receives the answer they need. It designs flows, related questions, and answers according to business conditions, user requests, or the messaging channel.

Multi-Language Support

Jetlink’s Conversational AI engine supports 157 languages, including English, Spanish, Turkish, Portuguese, Italian, German, French, Arabic, and others. This multi-language support allows global companies to serve customers in their preferred language.

Deeper Understanding with Probabilistic AI™

Jetlink uses Probabilistic AI to ensure accurate responses to customer queries by understanding their needs deeply, even when the communication isn't clear. This feature eliminates false positives in 90% of cases, improving the overall customer service experience.

Benefits of Using Jetlink

Personalized Customer Experience

Jetlink's Conversational AI engine allows businesses to provide a personalized, automated experience to their customers. It can connect with your back-end systems and customer accounts to capture customer information for future personalization.

Efficient Agent Time Utilization

Jetlink’s Orchestrator ensures that the chatbot transfers the session to a live agent only when necessary, saving time and increasing efficiency. After the agent finishes, the session goes back to the bot, providing a seamless Bot-Human-Bot experience.

Insightful Analytics

Jetlink offers an intuitive Analytics Dashboard to understand your chatbot's performance. It provides data and insights to drive business outcomes, enhancing your chatbot’s performance and customer experience.


Jetlink's Conversational AI engine is a game-changer in customer service, enabling businesses to provide personalized and effective customer support. Its unique features, such as true understanding, multi-language support, and Probabilistic AI, set it apart from the competition. With Jetlink, businesses can ensure superior customer satisfaction, resulting in high ROI. Experience the revolutionary customer service with Jetlink today!

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