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Transform your command line experience with HeyCLI, the tool that translates natural language into terminal commands

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About HeyCLI

HeyCLI: Revolutionize Your Terminal Experience

HeyCLI is a game-changing command line tool designed to make working with the terminal faster and more intuitive. By translating natural language into terminal commands, HeyCLI allows users to complete tasks with ease and efficiency.

Key Features of HeyCLI

  • Natural language input: Type plain English commands to execute tasks in the terminal
  • Customization: Add custom aliases, set up environment variables, and create custom key bindings
  • Increased efficiency: Save time and improve productivity when working in the terminal

How HeyCLI Works

Using HeyCLI is simple and straightforward. Begin your command with the word «hey» followed by a description of what you want to do. HeyCLI translates your natural language input into the appropriate terminal command. For instance, typing «hey open file» will prompt HeyCLI to open the specified file.

The Benefits of HeyCLI

HeyCLI offers a variety of advantages for users:

  • Simplified command line experience: No need to memorize complex terminal commands
  • Time-saving: Complete tasks quickly and effortlessly
  • Ideal for beginners: A user-friendly solution for those new to the terminal environment
  • Enhanced customization: Tailor the terminal to suit your preferences and needs

Get Started with HeyCLI

To try out the preview version of HeyCLI, follow the instructions provided in the GitHub repository. Stay up-to-date with new features and updates by entering your email address below.


HeyCLI is an innovative solution for those looking to streamline their terminal experience. By translating natural language into terminal commands, it makes working with the command line more intuitive and efficient. Experience the power of HeyCLI and revolutionize the way you interact with the terminal.

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