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Experience the unique fusion of AI and art with Haiku Lens. Turn your photos into personalized haikus for a mindful and poetic journey

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About Haiku Lens

Haiku Lens: The Intersection of Art, Poetry, and AI Technology

Bridging the gap between technology and art, Haiku Lens offers a unique way to experience the timeless beauty of haiku poetry. This innovative app utilizes advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to transform everyday photos into captivating, personalized haikus.

Delving into Haiku Lens

Haiku Lens employs cutting-edge AI technologies to analyze visual content from your photos, identifying key elements such as color, texture, and shapes.

A New Perspective on Photos

The app generates haiku poems that reflect the mood and atmosphere of your image, providing a fresh, poetic perspective on your surroundings. Whether it's a snapshot of a scenic landscape or a candid picture of your loved ones, Haiku Lens creates a tailored haiku that captures the essence of the moment.

AI-Powered Poetry Creation

At the core of Haiku Lens is a sophisticated AI engine that leverages machine learning to decipher and interpret the visual elements of your photos.

Harnessing AI for Artistic Expression

The AI model processes these elements, recognizing patterns and features that serve as inspiration for the ensuing haiku. The resulting poem isn't just a random assembly of words — it's a reflection of your photo's unique attributes, crafted through AI's understanding of haiku structure and themes.

Enriching the Haiku Experience

Beyond generating haikus, Haiku Lens also offers interactive features to enrich your experience.

Animated Haiku Videos and Voiced Haikus

Users can enjoy a personalized animated video featuring their photo paired with the crafted haiku. There's also the option to listen to a spoken rendition of the haiku, immersing users in the enchantment of their personalized poetry.

Getting Started with Haiku Lens

The app is user-friendly, inviting users to embark on their poetic journey for free. Simply snap a photo, and the app does the rest, transporting you into a world of poetic inspiration.

App Accessibility and Sharing Capabilities

Available for download on the App Store and Google Play Store, Haiku Lens stores generated haikus and their corresponding photos locally on your device for easy access. Users can also share their artistic creations on various social media platforms, spreading the joy of haiku poetry to friends and family.


Haiku Lens represents a remarkable blend of technology and art, providing a unique platform for personal expression and mindfulness. It not only taps into the rich tradition of haiku poetry but also harnesses the power of AI to create a personalized, immersive experience.

While AI and poetry might seem worlds apart, Haiku Lens unites these domains in a seamless and compelling manner. As we journey through our digital age, tools like Haiku Lens exemplify the beautiful potential of AI — not only in scientific and business arenas but also in the realm of creative and artistic expression. Experience the fusion of AI and art with Haiku Lens, and embark on a transformative journey of poetic discovery.

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $0.99
  • $1.99
  • $3.99


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