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Experience Grid, the first spreadsheet platform with an AI formula assistant and interactive datavis layer. Streamline team work with numbers effortlessly

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About Grid

Introducing Grid: Reinventing Spreadsheets with AI and Data Visualization

In a data-driven world, harnessing the power of numbers is crucial for any team. Grid is revolutionizing the way teams work with numbers by introducing the first spreadsheet with an AI formula assistant and an interactive data visualization layer.

Unifying Data Sources with Grid

Whether your data is in Google Sheets, Excel, Notion databases, or Airtable bases, Grid allows you to connect and maximize the impact of these multiple data sources. You can select data to visualize and add interactive elements like sliders, checkboxes, and buttons to your Grid document. This paves the way for dynamic dashboards, sales calculators, and interactive reports powered by spreadsheets.

AI Formula Assistant: The Game-Changer

Forget the days of googling spreadsheet formulas. With Grid, just type «//» into a cell in your Grid Sheets to activate the AI Formula Assistant. This tool, powered by OpenAI technology, provides formula suggestions based on the information you input, streamlining the process of writing spreadsheet formulas.

Grid Sheets: The All-in-One Spreadsheet Editor

For those impromptu analysis moments when a prepared spreadsheet model is not at hand, Grid Sheets serves as the perfect solution. You can quickly build and narrate interactive projections, combining data from different sources into a single chart.

A New Approach to Scenario Analysis

Grid also offers the fastest way to create and share scenarios with your team. Scenario saving lets you save and share access to specific configurations of your documents quickly and securely. This allows for multiple scenarios to be shared from a single spreadsheet model, without editing the model itself.

Collaborative Editing and More

Grid also supports collaborative editing, enabling teams to work on numbers and calculations seamlessly, avoiding the confusion of sending files back and forth. Co-authors take turns editing and updating projects, making it easier to keep everyone on the same page.

A Tool for All Teams

Whether it's for growth managers clarifying complex marketing strategies, sales teams creating quick price quotations, or founders crafting interactive board reports, Grid serves as the friendly numbers tool for all teams.

The Narrative of Numbers with Grid

With Grid, numbers meet narrative. It's an interactive interface that allows users to visualize numbers and calculations and give a cohesive narrative to their reports. Stakeholders can interact with tangible insights, exploring various possibilities.


Grid is more than a spreadsheet; it's a powerful AI tool that enables users to explore interactive analysis, build beautiful reports, and collaborate with ease. It helps users make fast, data-driven decisions while maintaining an easy-to-learn and empowering interface. By transforming the traditional spreadsheet into an interactive, AI-assisted platform, Grid is truly revolutionizing the way teams work with numbers. With Grid, getting 'sheet done' has never been easier or more efficient.

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $29
  • $49


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