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Discover Flowrite, the ultimate AI-driven communication tool that saves time, enhances email and messaging accuracy, and elevates your overall productivity

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About Flowrite

Flowrite: Revolutionize Your Email and Messaging with AI

Flowrite is an AI-powered communication tool designed to help users save time and improve the quality of their emails and messages. This powerful and intuitive assistant offers seamless integration with your inbox and messaging platforms, providing personalized suggestions, instant replies, and a range of pre-built templates for common communication tasks.

Unleash the Power of Flowrite

Give Your Instructions

Simply provide Flowrite with a few words or short sentences as instructions or let it use its imagination to generate a unique response.

Click to Generate

With a single click, Flowrite will begin crafting your reply or outreach based on the provided instructions.

Watch the Magic Happen

Witness the power of AI as Flowrite creates a personalized message tailored to your recipient's needs.

Works Wherever, Whenever

Available as a Chrome Extension, Flowrite is always just one click away, working across popular web browsers to ensure your communication is efficient and effective.

Flowrite's AI Template Gallery

Flowrite offers a comprehensive library of smart templates for common messages across various roles and teams. Some examples include:

  • Promotion Announcement
  • Pre-Meeting Email
  • Investor Reply
  • Formal Request
  • Business Inquiry
  • Project Status Update
  • Sales Prospecting
  • Reference Call Request
  • Candidate Rejection
  • Investor Update
  • Sales Email Acceptance
  • Demo Invitation
  • Meeting Scheduler
  • Interview Invitation
  • Cold Sales Email

Flowrite: The Ultimate AI-Powered Communication Tool

Seamless Inbox Integration

Flowrite beautifully integrates with your favorite email and messaging tools, automatically reading the context and picking up the necessary inputs for enhanced communication.

High-Quality Alternatives

Flowrite provides you with three high-quality message alternatives, personalized to your recipient. Choose the best one or iterate to suit your needs.

Instant Reply Suggestions

No more writing emails from scratch. Flowrite offers instant reply suggestions, saving you time and effort.

Make It Personal

Brief Flowrite about your role and preferences, and let it work like a real assistant to get the job done.

Move Faster with Templates

Accelerate your repetitive emails and messages, and gain more control over Flowrite's output with pre-built templates.

Unprecedented Time Savings

For frequent communicators, Flowrite saves time like no other productivity tool.

Flowrite's Applications for Various Roles

Flowrite is designed to cater to different roles, offering specific use cases and benefits for each:

  • Leadership: Streamline communication, align teams, and close new business faster.
  • Sales: Scale cold outreach, improve follow-ups, and accelerate sales cycles.
  • Investors: Enhance deal sourcing, provide better feedback, and streamline introductions.
  • Customer Support: Resolve tickets quickly, maintain a personal touch, and improve onboarding.
  • HR & Recruiting: Optimize candidate sourcing, interview scheduling, and applicant feedback.
  • Marketing & Communications: Enhance public relations, personalize influencer outreach, and scale link building.

Conclusion: Experience the Future of Written Communication with Flowrite

Flowrite is a game-changing AI-powered communication tool that streamlines your email and messaging workflows, allowing you to focus on more important tasks. With its Chrome Extension, smart templates, personalized reply suggestions, and seamless inbox integration, Flowrite elevates your communication efficiency to new heights. Experience the future of written communication and watch your productivity soar with Flowrite by your side.

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Pricing options

  • $4
  • $12
  • $24


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