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Supercharge your B2B sales strategy with Clodura.AI! Get hyper-targeted sales leads, reliable contact data, and actionable sales intelligence all in one platform

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About Clodura

Boost Your B2B Sales with Clodura.AI: Your Ultimate Lead Gen Solution

In the highly competitive B2B sales landscape, you need to arm yourself with a tool that not only simplifies the lead generation process but also gives you a competitive edge. Clodura.AI is that solution — a powerful AI-powered platform designed to supercharge your sales strategy.

Hyper-Targeted Leads with Clodura.AI

Say goodbye to inaccurate leads. With Clodura.AI, you get unlimited access to over 600 million contacts and 15 million companies. The AI-powered prospecting engine allows for hyper-targeted lead generation, delivering reliable data that promises 95% accuracy. This means no more sifting through large volumes of irrelevant records. Instead, enjoy a continuous supply of high-quality sales pipeline and achieve more sales closures.

Accurate Contact Data and Direct Dials

Clodura.AI does not just provide you with leads, it ensures you reach the right people. With 120 million human-verified direct-dial phone numbers, you can bypass switchboards and gatekeepers, reaching decision-makers directly. Achieve a higher call connect ratio, increase your sales efficiency, and ultimately, boost your profitability.

Sales Intelligence at Your Fingertips

Make informed decisions based on real-time opportunity triggers. Clodura.AI offers over 25 customizable buying signal alerts, giving you actionable sales intelligence on your leads. Know who to target on priority, how to craft your sales pitch, and never miss any low-hanging sales opportunities. This indispensable sales intelligence propels you miles ahead of your competitors, helping you stay ahead in the game.

Verified Technology Install Base Data

With Clodura.AI's comprehensive database of over 15,000 technology products, you can gain unique insights into your prospects' technology stack. Understand where your solution fits or replaces outdated technology. This data helps you craft hyper-targeted prospecting strategies, have high-quality sales conversations, and ultimately, increase your sales productivity.

Automate Your Email Cadence

Utilize Clodura.AI's email sequence feature to establish more interactions with decision-makers. Set-up personalized sales cadence and increase your sales velocity. This feature eliminates hours of manual effort spent on creating and sending sales outreach emails and follow-ups, thereby increasing your sales efficiency.

Custom Research For Your Unique Needs

In case you can't find the companies or contacts you need, Clodura.AI's team will build a tailor-made list based on your search filters. Get human-verified data that is constantly tested and enriched for superior accuracy.

Seamless CRM and Email Integrations

Clodura.AI easily integrates with your existing sales and marketing technology stack, including CRM platforms like Salesforce, PipeDrive, Zoho, Freshsales, HubSpot, and MS Dynamic 365, as well as Gmail.

In conclusion, Clodura.AI is the ultimate lead generation solution for your B2B sales. With its powerful features, you can not only generate high-quality, targeted leads but also gain actionable sales intelligence, automate your sales process, and ultimately, close more deals faster and better. Make the most of Clodura.AI and take your B2B sales strategy to the next level!

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $49
  • $99


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