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Transform your meetings with Briefly. This AI-powered tool transcribes, summarizes, and generates actionable follow-ups from your conversations

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About Briefly

Briefly: Elevating Meetings with AI-Driven Transcriptions and Summaries

In a fast-paced professional environment, time is the most valuable asset. Keeping track of every discussion during meetings and remembering to follow up on all points can be challenging. This is where Briefly comes into play. Briefly is an AI-powered tool designed to transform meeting transcripts into polished documents, summaries, and action items.

An Introduction to Briefly

Briefly is designed to help professionals and teams maintain a strong grip on their meetings. It does this by transcribing all meetings automatically and categorizing them based on their content. This makes it incredibly easy to find specific discussions at a later time, ensuring nothing crucial is missed out on.

The Power of Briefly's AI

The true power of Briefly lies in its utilization of AI. Using GPT technology, Briefly turns transcriptions into objective summaries, pulling out key insights and personalized action items. This negates the need to comb through lengthy transcripts and manually synthesize notes.

Moreover, Briefly automates the drafting of follow-ups based on meeting decisions, leading to greater close rates and productivity. These features significantly reduce the time spent on post-meeting tasks and enhance overall productivity.

Features of Briefly

AI Meeting Summaries, Insights, and Follow-Ups

Briefly leverages AI to provide summaries and insights from your meetings. These summaries are automatically delivered to your inbox, ready to be shared with your team. This helps in keeping everyone on the same page and maintains a focus on action items.

Chrome Browser Extension

With the Briefly Chrome extension, you can quickly access past calls and AI summaries right from your browser. The ease of access streamlines the process of reviewing meetings and actions items.

Single Point of Access

Briefly allows you to view and store all your summaries, transcripts, and notes in one place, without leaving your extension. This facilitates better organization and ensures crucial information is always within reach.

AI Follow-Up Emails

Following up is an integral part of any professional meeting. Briefly's AI automatically crafts personalized post-meeting emails based on the decisions made during your call. This leads to better engagement and response rates.

Using Briefly

To start with Briefly, pin the Briefly extension to your Chrome Browser. You can then quickly access all your past calls and AI summaries. The AI summaries, follow-up emails, and transcripts will be available for every call after it ends. You can generate AI summaries and follow-up emails with just a few clicks and import them into your email platform, such as Gmail.


Briefly stands as a powerful tool in the realm of business productivity and collaboration. By automatically transcribing, summarizing, and generating follow-ups for meetings, it streamlines the post-meeting process and ensures that crucial details aren't lost in translation.

Its AI capabilities take away the mundane task of note-taking, letting you focus on the meeting itself. Moreover, the automatic generation of follow-up emails guarantees that actions agreed upon during the meeting are followed through, leading to increased productivity and efficiency.

In a nutshell, Briefly is an intelligent solution designed to save time, increase productivity, and enhance collaboration in a professional setting.

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