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About Bifrost

Bifrost: Transforming Figma Designs into React Code Effortlessly

The process of manually converting designs into functional frontend code can be tedious and time-consuming. Bifrost aims to change that by offering an AI-powered solution to streamline the transition from design to code seamlessly.

Generate Clean Code with AI Technology

Bifrost is built on the same AI technology that powers Github Copilot, which enables it to learn and structure code in the same way as the user. This intelligent approach ensures that the generated React code is clean and maintains the design's integrity.

Boost Productivity by Cutting Engineering Time

By automating the conversion process, Bifrost frees up engineers to focus on developing features that drive your business forward. This eliminates the need for repetitive tasks, such as creating new screens and components from scratch, allowing your team to work more efficiently.

Empower Designers with Confidence

Bifrost's seamless integration with Figma ensures pixel-perfect accuracy, allowing designers to create and update screens without fear of messy handoffs. This empowers them to make changes independently without compromising the quality of the end product.

How Bifrost Works

  1. Create with Figma: Design your product in Figma and let Bifrost handle the handoff for you. There's no need to learn a new app or worry about lock-in.
  2. Generate Code: With a single click, convert screens and components into clean React code that is dropped directly into Visual Studio Code.
  3. Review, Ship, and Repeat: Automatically ship design updates without prioritizing engineering hours. Designers can make changes on their own without compromising quality.


Bifrost is the bridge between design and code that your team needs. Its AI-driven technology revolutionizes frontend development by converting Figma designs into clean React code automatically. Enhance your team's efficiency, empower your designers, and create pixel-perfect frontend experiences with Bifrost.

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