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Discover, an AI-driven copywriting solution for WordPress and Chrome. Save time, generate engaging content, and create stunning images

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About AI-Driven Copywriting for Effortless Content Creation is an AI-powered copywriting solution that revolutionizes how you create content for your website. With Bertha, harness the power of ChatGPT and OpenAI to generate engaging marketing copy and stunning images in WordPress and Chrome.

Seamless Integration with Popular Tools

Bertha works with numerous page builders and tools, making it a versatile solution for all your content creation needs. Focus on your goals and let Bertha handle the content.

Craft Website Copy in Minutes

Bertha's AI writing assistant saves you up to 90% of your time by generating captivating and conversion-oriented website copy.

Create Images and Illustrations Instantly

Utilize AI to create mesmerizing images for your website in various styles, all within seconds.

Generate Converting Product Descriptions

Bertha provides ideas and comprehensive textual content to create compelling product descriptions that drive conversions.

Accelerate Blog Post Writing

Create engaging, creative, and conversion-optimized blog posts in minutes, rather than hours, with Bertha's assistance. Features for as Low as $20 per Month

Here's what you can expect from's suite of powerful features:

  • Chat GPT Module: Have a conversation with Bertha using the GPT-powered chat module.
  • Ask Me Anything Module: Get help with email drafts, social media posts, and more.
  • Content Rephraser: Let Bertha refine your existing content.
  • Bertha AI Whisper: Transcribe, translate, and generate closed captions from audio.
  • Bulk Update Product Descriptions: Update multiple product descriptions using only the title as a starting point.
  • Title to Benefit Sections: Generate short descriptions for benefit sections with icons.
  • Service/Product Benefit List: Instantly create a list of differentiators and benefits for your brand.
  • Product/Service Description: Convert product names into full descriptions, ideal for e-commerce.
  • Personal Bio: Let Bertha write your «About Me» section.
  • Image Generation and AI Image Search Library: Create images with Bertha or find the perfect one using the search function. combines the most advanced content generation AI and the founders' decade-long expertise in creating websites, blog posts, landing pages, and product pages. With Bertha, you get the best of both worlds: AI power and human knowledge, all at your fingertips. Make content creation a breeze with Reviews

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $20
  • $45
  • $150


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