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Create stunning Android and iOS apps in minutes with Bappfy, the world's first no-code app builder from any website or URL

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About Bappfy

Bappfy: The Ultimate Online App Builder

Bappfy is a groundbreaking no-code online app builder that empowers users to create Android and iOS apps from any website or URL. Designed to help small businesses reach their full growth potential, Bappfy simplifies the app creation process without compromising quality.

Top Features of Bappfy

Experience a wealth of features with Bappfy that make app development a breeze.

Fast App Creation

With Bappfy, you can build your dream app in less than 10 minutes, without any coding skills required.

Easy-to-Use Process

The app-building process on Bappfy is straightforward, allowing you to create apps with ease.

Universal Templates

Choose from universal templates with user-friendly navigation to suit any project.

Push Newsletter Manager

Create push messages and manage statistics without the need for third-party services.

Effortless App Signing

Upload your keys to your Bappfy account, and the platform will automatically sign the code for you.

Publish in AppStore Without a Mac

Bappfy enables users to publish their applications without a Mac, simplifying the process even further.

OneSignal API & AdMob Integration

The platform integrates OneSignal API for Android devices and allows users to include AdMob in their created apps.

The Bappfy App Creation Process

The app-building process on Bappfy is simple:

  1. Choose a name
  2. Link to a website
  3. Set a color scheme
  4. Select a template

AI-Driven App Development

Leveraging AI technology, Bappfy streamlines app creation from any website URL. It works with any website or CMS, and there's no need for coding expertise. Bappfy is perfect for personal use or creating apps for clients and charging them as you see fit.

Conclusion: Unleash Your App-Building Potential with Bappfy

Bappfy is a powerful online app builder that makes creating Android and iOS apps from any website or URL a seamless process. With its extensive features, user-friendly interface, and AI-driven technology, Bappfy is the ultimate choice for both beginners and seasoned developers. Start building your dream app with Bappfy today!

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Pricing options

  • $9.99
  • $19.99


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