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Automate your AWS savings with Antimetal. Harness the power of AI for effortless, risk-free cloud cost management, saving up to 75% on AWS bills

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About Antimetal

Unlock Efficient AWS Management with Antimetal

With increasing cloud adoption, managing cloud costs effectively becomes a paramount concern for businesses. Antimetal is stepping into the spotlight with an innovative solution, helping businesses reduce their AWS bills by up to 75% through automated, effortless, and risk-free optimization.

Achieve Long-term Savings with Autopilot

Antimetal's AI engine operates on autopilot, buying and selling AWS instances on your behalf to optimize cloud expenditure. This process offers the pricing advantages of long-term instances while maintaining the flexibility of on-demand usage. The result is cost-effective AWS management that requires minimal intervention.

Stay Informed with Traceability and Alerts

With Antimetal, you never have to worry about losing oversight of your cloud costs. Its traceability feature keeps you informed about who's involved in your AWS spending at all times. Customizable alerts provide control over the optimization process, keeping you abreast of any significant changes or potential saving opportunities.

Collaborate with Team Features

Encourage team-wide responsibility for cloud costs with Antimetal's team features. You can invite team members to help manage your AWS spend, enhancing collaboration and creating a collective mindset geared towards cost efficiency.

Enjoy Commitment-free Benefits

Traditionally, long-term AWS pricing comes with lock-in periods. Antimetal changes this paradigm, providing the benefits of long-term AWS pricing without the commitment. This flexibility allows your business to adapt and change its cloud usage without incurring penalties or unnecessary costs.

Antimetal's Continuous Optimization

The AI engine at the heart of Antimetal doesn't rest. It continuously monitors and learns from your usage patterns to identify new savings opportunities. By constantly adapting to your needs, it ensures you're always getting the best value from your AWS spend.

Powerful Prediction and Protection

Antimetal's powerful prediction model uses AI to accurately forecast your usage. This allows you to maximize savings while still accounting for risk. And with Antimetal’s Underutilization Insurance, your business is protected against underutilization risks. This means Antimetal takes on the risk, so you don't have to.

Account Access That Respects Your Privacy

Antimetal ensures a non-invasive approach to account access. It doesn’t modify your instances, access your code, network traffic, or any private data, and it can't start, stop, or change your instances. This commitment to privacy ensures the integrity of your cloud operations and data.

Start Analyzing Your Account Today

In just two minutes, Antimetal can start analyzing your AWS EC2 spend and find potential savings. Seeing your savings potential instantly is just one of the ways Antimetal commits to fast, efficient, and risk-free cloud cost management.


In today's digital age, optimizing cloud costs is a critical aspect of business operations. Antimetal revolutionizes this process, leveraging AI to automate AWS cost optimization, maximizing savings while minimizing risks and effort. By transforming the way businesses manage their AWS spend, Antimetal provides a powerful, collaborative, and secure solution to drive cloud cost efficiency. With Antimetal, you can cut cloud costs, not headcount.

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $10


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