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Experience Adobe Podcast, a web-based audio recording and editing platform that harnesses AI to streamline podcast creation and elevate storytelling

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About Adobe Podcast

Discover Adobe Podcast, a web-based audio tool designed for storytellers, offering cutting-edge AI-powered features to revolutionize podcast creation.

Adobe Podcast's Features and Benefits

Explore the innovative features of Adobe Podcast that simplify the audio editing process and elevate your podcast production.

Edit Words, Not Waveforms

Leverage Adobe Premiere Pro's speech-to-text technology, enabling you to edit audio effortlessly using a transcript instead of traditional waveforms.

Seamless Remote Recording

Collaborate with ease by sharing a link for remote recording. Adobe Podcast ensures high-quality local audio recording, then automatically syncs it in the cloud.

AI-Powered Audio Enhancement

Experience the Enhance Speech feature, which increases clarity by removing background noise and sharpening your voice's frequencies for a studio-quality sound.

Mic Check for Optimal Setup

The Mic Check AI analyzes your microphone setup, providing guidance to achieve crystal-clear audio quality in your recordings.

Efficient Project Templates

Accelerate your workflow with project templates or create and share your own for seamless collaboration with others.

Adobe Podcast: Elevating Storytelling and Collaboration

Adobe Podcast transforms the way you create and edit audio content, making it accessible and efficient. Powered by innovative AI technology, this web-based platform streamlines podcast creation, allowing you to focus on telling engaging stories and collaborating with others. Embrace the future of audio editing with Adobe Podcast today.

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Pricing options

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