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AIPRM's curated prompts for ChatGPT revolutionize productivity in SEO, marketing, copywriting, and more. Enhance your workflow with this free extension!

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AIPRM is an AI prompt toolkit designed to boost productivity in various fields, such as SEO, marketing, copywriting, and customer support. With curated prompts from a community of experts, AIPRM is the perfect tool for working with generative AI tools like ChatGPT.

Key Features of AIPRM

Curated Prompts

Access an extensive library of expertly crafted prompts for ChatGPT, designed to help you excel in marketing, sales, customer support, and more.

Prompt Engineering Community

Leverage the expertise of a dedicated community of prompt engineers who regularly publish their best prompts for your immediate use.

Exposure for AI Prompt Experts

Experts who share their prompts on AIPRM are rewarded with exposure and direct click-throughs to their websites.

Wide Range of Topics

Explore prompts covering diverse topics, such as SEO, sales, customer support, marketing strategy, authoring books, and even playing the guitar.

Productivity Boost

Maximize efficiency in activities like research, content writing, conversion copywriting, keyword classification, link building, and customer support with AIPRM's curated prompts.

Benefits of Using AIPRM


Quickly access a curated selection of prompts to enhance your workflow and save valuable time.

Improved AI Outcomes

Utilize high-quality prompts that enhance the performance of AI models, resulting in better outputs for your projects.


Tap into a collaborative community of prompt engineering experts, ensuring a continuous flow of fresh and effective prompts.

Areas of Application

SEO and Marketing

Optimize your website and boost its search engine ranking with expertly crafted prompts tailored for SEO and marketing professionals.

Sales and Customer Support

Improve your sales and customer support efforts using AIPRM's curated prompts designed to help you effectively communicate with prospects and customers.

Content Creation and Copywriting

Boost your content creation and copywriting productivity with prompts that streamline your writing process.

AIPRM is the ultimate AI prompt toolkit for ChatGPT users looking to enhance their productivity in a wide range of fields. Tap into expertly curated prompts and enjoy the benefits of a dedicated community of prompt engineering experts. Don't miss out — try AIPRM for free today!

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Pricing options

  • $5
  • $20
  • $50


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